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EP1258 Predictors of node metastasis in endometrial cancer at an early stage
  1. E Lopez Gonzalez,
  2. F Montero Venegas,
  3. M Peña Salas and
  4. JA Rojas Luna
  1. Juan Ramon Jimenez Hospital, Huelva, Spain


Objective To determine predictor factors of node metastasis in patients suffering from endometrium cancer at an early stage.

Methodology Retrospective research of 170 patients with endometrium cancer between 2013 and 2017 at the Juan Ramon Jimenez Hospital. 56 patients with complete surgical staging susceptible to the node involvement analysis.

Variables such us age, histological type, degree of tumour differentation, lympho-vascular space infiltration (LVSI), miometrial invasion (MI) were taken into account among the groups. Statistical analysis was done using SPSS 23v program.Once the analysis of Kolmorov-Smirnov concluded in an unusual result; the Chi-Squared test was used in order to obtain parametric categorical data.

Results Among the patients with complete surgical staging, pelvic lymph node metastasis was found as well as para-aortic lymph node metastasis in ten of them (18%). In the univariate analysis it was concluded that the degree of tumour differentation (p=0,015), miometrial invasion <50% (p= 0,042) and LVSI (p<0,01) were significantly related to the lymph node matastais although with a mild correlation level; underlining that the node affection is related to the lymphovascular infiltration.

The existence of LVSI was assessed in all the patients. LVSI was negative in 141 cases and one of these cases had lymph node metastasis. 86% of the patients with node metastasis had positive LVSI (6 out of 7).

Conclusion A high percentage of the patients with node metastasis have positive LVSI and if the LVSI is negative, there is also a risk of the 0.7% of finding node metastasis. Although prospective multi-center studies would be convenient, this preliminary study shows the relevance and neccesity of including the infiltration of the lymphovascular space in the staging of the endometrium cancer and this could also be used when beginning with the adjuvant treatment in patients with the illness in an early stage.

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