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IJGC Visual Abstract: Instructions

The International Journal of Gynecological Cancer accepts visual abstracts from authors of accepted manuscripts. A visual abstract is meant to provide readers with the highlights of the article in an easy-to-read and visually engaging image.   Required Information: All visual abstracts should include the following:
  • Article Title
  • Full author list as presented in the manuscript (institutions are not necessary)
  • Easy-to-read and visually engaging image that highlights the findings and conclusions of the study
Format: Visual abstracts must be in PowerPoint format. Process: The Editorial Office will invite the authors of accepted articles to prepare a visual abstract at the time of acceptance. Authors should email their visual abstract file to within two weeks of receiving this invitation.
  • Use the email subject line “Visual Abstract for ‘[Article Title].’”
  • Include the Twitter handles of any authors or institutions who would like to be tagged in IJGC’s social media posts about the article. Hashtag suggestions are also encouraged.
  • Ensure that your PowerPoint file uses the journal’s template and includes all required information.
Please contact the Editorial Office at with questions.  
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