Reviewer of the Month

August: Mario Leitao

IJGC is pleased to recognize Mario Leitao as the journal’s Reviewer of the Month for August. Over the course of the year, his careful and incisive evaluations have enabled us to identify quality research and provide invaluable guidance to authors during the revision process. We are proud of his contributions to our journal this year, and hope he will continue to work with us in the future.

Dr. Mario Leitao is an Attending Surgeon in the Department of Surgery, Division of Gynecology at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York. He serves as the Director of Minimal Access and Robotic Surgery (MARS) for the Department of Surgery. Dr. Leitao is also the Program Director for the ACGME and International Gynecologic Oncology Fellowship and a Professor in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Weill Cornell Medical College.

“We rely on the scientific literature to help make decisions with and for our patients with the goal to cure them and improve their lives,” Dr. Leitao said. “Therefore, it is absolutely critical that the manuscripts that are published are of the best quality possible and peer-review is critical (if done correctly). I feel it is an important part of my personal mission to produce and present the best possible research as both a researcher and a peer reviewer.”

July: Ester Miralpeix

IJGC is pleased to recognize Ester Miralpeix as the journal’s first Reviewer of the Month. Since the beginning of the year, Dr. Miralpeix has consistently reviewed submissions with remarkable speed, taking an average of three days to respond to invitations and an average of ten days to complete her reviews. Despite handling a paper per month on average, and sometimes performing two reviews within the span of several weeks, Dr. Miralpeix has consistently provided our editorial board with detailed and incisive reviews that enable us to better evaluate the submissions we receive. We are delighted to acknowledge her work here, and hope that she will continue to support us with her expertise in the future.

Dr. Miralpeix currently works as a gynecologist at the Hospital del Mar, Barcelona, where she finished her residency in 2014. She later received a PhD in Medicine from the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona in 2016. During her career, she has worked in some of the world’s leading cancer centers, giving her the opportunity to learn from some leading figures in the field. Dr. Miralpeix has always been heavily involved in gynecologic cancer and the development of innovative strategies for improving patient care.

“Being a peer reviewer for IJGC is a great learning opportunity which allows me to stay up to date with the latest research in our field,” Dr. Miralpeix said. “Besides, I think it provides me with an amusing way to study and a chance to broaden my knowledge as a gynecologist and clinical researcher.”