Table 3

Node characteristics in patients with malignant ovarian tumor after SLN mapping and systematic lymphadenectomy (N=39)

StudyNType of tumorSLN positive/total (%)Type of SLN involvementNon-SLN positive/total (%)SE/Sp/NPV
Nyberg 13 4EOC1/8 (13)NA4/121 (3.3)Sensivity 100%
Angelucci15 5EOC0/7 (0).NA0/107 (0)Specificity, NPV: 100%
Hassanzadeh16 17EOC4/20 (20)NANASensitivity: 100%
Kleppe17 6EOC3/23 (13)3 MM1/65 (1.5)Sensitivity: 100%
Buda18 7EOC0/11 (0)NA0/165 (0)Specicifity, NPV: 100%
  • EOC, epithelial ovarian cancer; MM, micrometastasis; NA, Not available; NPV, negative predictive value; SE, sensitivity; SLN, sentinel lymph node; Sp, specificity.