Table 2

Detection rate in the pelvic and aortic regions based on site of injection and dye injected

StudyTracerInjection siteDetection rate
Detection rate
Hassanzadeh16 Tc-99m + BD (BD in only four patients)10: normal ovarian cortex
25: utero ovarian ligament + suspensory ligament
Kleppe17 Tc-99m + BDProper ovarian ligament + infundibulopelvic ligament33%91%
Buda18 ICGProper ovarian and suspensory ligament30%80%
Speth19 Tc-99m + BDProper ovarian and suspensory ligament25%87%
Lago20 Tc-99m + IGCInfundibulopelvic ligament and ovarian stumps87.5%70%
  • *Detection rates cannot be calculated for the two sites of injection.

  • BD, blue dye; ICG, indocyanine green; Tc-99m, technetium-99m radiocolloid.