Table 2

Provision of genetic counseling

Professional position of the service providerGenetic counselinggBRCA test result disclosed (n=612)
Pre-test genetic counseling (at time of informed consent explanation) (n=631)If result of BRCA test was positive or variant of uncertain significance
Gynecologist/obstetrician265 (42.0)3 (2.7)354 (57.8)
Oncologist4 (0.6)0 (0.0)3 (0.5)
Clinical geneticist265 (42.0)90 (80.4)211 (34.5)
Certified genetic counselor92 (14.6)19 (17.0)30 (4.9)
Other5 (0.8)0 (0.0)14 (2.3)
Genetic counseling not provided/not notified of results3 (0.5*)10 (8.2)22 (3.5*)
  • Values are n (%). *Percentages are calculated using the total number of patients (n=634) as a denominator. The percentage is calculated using the number of patients with a positive gBRCA mutation or variant of uncertain significance (n=122) as a denominator.

  • gBRCA, germline BRCA.