Table 2

ERAS items not updated in 2019 guideline (no change in recommendation/evidence)

ERAS itemRecommendation
Pre-operative optimization4 Smoking and alcohol consumption (alcohol abusers) should be stopped 4 weeks before surgery
Smoking—Evidence level: high; Recommendation: strong
Alcohol—Evidence level: moderate; Recommendation: strong
Anemia should be actively identified, investigated, and corrected pre-operatively
Evidence level: high; Recommendation: strong
Pre-anesthetic medication4 Routine administration of sedatives to reduce anxiety pre-operatively should be avoided
Evidence level: low; Recommendation: strong
Nausea and vomiting prophylaxis4 A multimodal approach to post-operative nausea and vomiting with >2 antiemetic agents should be used for patients undergoing gynecologic procedures
Evidence level: moderate; Recommendation: strong
Urinary drainage5 Urinary catheters should be used for post-operative bladder drainage for a short period preferably <24 hours post-op
Evidence level: low; Recommendation: strong
Early mobilization5 Patients should be encouraged to mobilize within 24 hours of surgery
Evidence level: low; Recommendation: strong
  • ERAS, Enhanced Recovery After Surgery.