Table 3

Comparison of outcomes in the enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS) and conventional management (CM) groups

Outcome (in days)ERASCMMean differenceP valueCI
(n= 45)(n= 45)
Post-anesthesia care unit stay
 (in days)0.34±0.130.79±0.170.45<0.0010.39 to 0.51
 (in hours)8.0±3.219.0±6.011.0
Time to Foley’s catheter removal1.00±0.383.75±0.502.75<0.0012.56 to 2.94
Time to start of liquid diet1.06±0.182.13±0.381.07<0.0010.95 to 1.20
Time to start of semi-solid diet2.88±0.254.35±0.421.47<0.0011.33 to 1.61
Time to first flatus1.55±0.304.05±0.452.50<0.0012.34 to 2.66
Time to first stool3.25±1.055.75±1.502.50<0.0011.96 to 3.04
Time to first sitting0.69±0.151.66±0.330.97<0.0010.86 to 1.08
Time to first walk1.04±0.213.13±0.632.09<0.0011.89 to 2.29
Pain score
 Immediate post-operative2.9±1.23.5± to 1.27
 4 hours post-operative1.4±0.72.9±1.41.5<0.0011.04 to 1.97
 POD 11.2±0.42.6±1.81.4<0.0010.85 to 1.95
 POD 20.9±0.52.5±0.91.6<0.0011.30 to 1.91
LOHS (median (range))
Overall4 (2–8)6 (4–18)2<0.001
Timing of surgery (median (range))
 Primarydebulking surgery cohort4 (3–8)6 (4–18)2<0.001
 Intervaldebulking surgery cohort4 (3–8)6 (4–18)2<0.001
Surgical procedure
 Staging cohort4 (2–6)6 (4–8)2<0.001
 Complex cytoreductive cohort5 (3–8)6 (4–18)10.019
  • CM, conventional management; ERAS, enhanced recovery after surgery; LHOS, length of hospital stay; POD, post-operative day.