Table 2

Protocol compliance in the enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS) group

 Pre-operative information and counseling100.0
 Pre-operative optimization100.0
 Carbohydrate loading drink and diet until 6 hours before surgery95.6
 Carbohydrate loading clear liquid 2 hours prior to surgery88.9
 Elimination of mechanical bowel preparation95.6
 Avoidance of pre-anesthetic medicine100.0
 Prophylaxis against thromboembolism100.0
 Anti-microbial prophylaxis100.0
 Pre-emptive analgesia97.8
 Standard anesthetic protocol100.0
 Post-operative nausea and vomiting prophylaxis100.0
 Local wound infiltration95.6
 Preventing intra-operative hypothermia100.0
 Removal of nasogastric tube at extubation97.8
 Avoidance of abdominal drain91.1
 Tolerance of liquid diet44.4
 Avoidance of narcotic analgesia86.7
POD 1/2
 Intravenous fluid requirement <1500 mL/24 hours88.9
 Tolerance of liquid diet on POD 286.7
 Removal of Foley catheter within 24 hours of surgery93.3
 Out of bed ambulation (walking)97.7
 Avoidance of narcotic analgesia95.6
 Removal of epidural catheter100.0
POD 3/4
 Tolerance of semi-solid diet on POD 353.3
 Tolerance of semi-solid diet on POD 484.4
 Overall compliance 90.6
  • CM, conventional management; ERAS, enhanced recovery after surgery; POD, post-operative day.