Table 2

Available local and systemic treatment options in female cancer patient (elaborated upon by the authors)

TreatmentsBreast cancer in treatmentSurvivors of breast cancerCervical cancerEndometrial cancerOvarian cancer
Over the counter treatmentRecommendedRecommendedRecommendedRecommendedRecommended
Local estrogen therapyNot recommendedMight be suggested*†RecommendedMight be suggested†Recommended
Ultra-low local estrogen therapy
Might be an option*†Might be suggested*†Valid optionMight be an option*†Valid option
OspemifeneNot recommended†RecommendedRecommendedMay be an option†Recommended
  • *After careful counseling and discussion with the patient and the oncology team.

  • †Few data on the use of vaginal estrogens/ospemifene in women with gynecological hormone responsive cancers.