Table 3

Data on patients with recurrent endometrial cancer after fertility-sparing management

No.AgeGradeTime of first remission
Time of second remission
Re-treatmentSurgeryReasons of surgeryRemission/
Second recurSecond DFSAlive/
1 30G16Yes166YesNoRemissionNoAlive2 years
2 35G112Yes126YesYesDo not want fertility preservingRemissionNoAlive6 months
3 33G13Yes249YesRemissionNoAlive3 months
Trying to conceive
4 30G127Yes37NoYesDo not want fertility preservingRemissionNoAlive3 years
5 28G26No186YesNoPersistentYes10Alive3 months
Refused surgery
6 32G19No612YesNoPersistentYes11Alive3 months
7 33G215No4NoYesDo not want fertility preservingRemissionNoAlive2 years
8 33G19No483YesNoRemissionNoAlive5 months
Trying to conceive
9 36G19No94YesNoPersistentNo3Alive3 months
Re-treat 1000 mg
10 38G212No4YesYesProgression diseaseRemissionNoAliveChemotherapy #6 (paclitaxel/ carboplatin)
3 years
11 32G112No23YesNoPersistentNoAlive5 years treatment underway
Refused surgery
12 31G13No2355YesNoRemissionNoAlive2 years
13 38G13No66YesNoRemissionNoAlive6 months
Trying to conceive
14 33G19No710YesNoPersistentNoAlive1 year treatment underway
Refused surgery
15 31G13No2548YesNoRemissionNoAliveTrying to conceive and f/u loss
16 33G133No15NoYesDo not want fertility preservingRemissionNoAlive3 years
17 35G112No15NoYesDo not want fertility preservingRemissionNoAlive3 years
18 31G16No9YesNoPersistentNoAlive7 months treatment underway
  • DFS, disease free survival.