Table 3

Lymph node involvement stratified by myometrial invasion in serous endometrial cancer (n=117)

ParameterSLN metastases
No MI invasion0/36 (0.0)2/36 (5.6)0/36 (0.0)
<50% MI2/58 (3.4)4/58 (6.9)4/58 (6.9)
≥50% MI0/23 (0.0)1/23 (4.3)9/23 (39.1)
Column total2/117 (1.7)7/117 (6.0)13/117 (11.1)
  • Notes: Each cell reports the number of patients with nodal involvement/total number of patients in the cell (cell percentage). For patients who underwent both sentinel lymph node (SLN) biopsy and systematic lymphadenectomy (LND), only data regarding SLN are reported. It should be noted that 1/117 (0.9%) with negative SLN had a positive lymph node at systematic LND (macrometastases at pelvic LND, grade 3 with ≥50% myometrial invasion)

  • ITC, isolated tumor cells; Macro, macrometastases; MI, myometrial invasion; Micro, micrometastases; SLN, sentinel lymph node.