Table 4

Indicators related to patient outcomes

QI 18: A structured follow-up program of patients outcome is available
TypeOutcome indicator
DescriptionAll disease related events (including local failures) and grade ≥3 genitourinary and/or gastrointestinal and/or vaginal complications occurring after treatment are monitored in a structured program
Specifications Numerator: not applicable
Denominator: not applicable
TargetAvailability of a structured follow-up program monitoring all disease related events and severe complications, as defined above
QI 19: Patients are offered a sexual rehabilitation program
TypeOutcome indicator
DescriptionA structured holistic program for sexual rehabilitation relies on the identification of healthcare professionals specialized in the treatment of radiation induced side effects, including clinicians with expertise in sexual health, either in the center itself or through well identified referral networks
Specifications Numerator: patients without local failure who are offered a sexual rehabilitation program
Denominator: total number of patients without local failure
  • QI, quality indicator.