Table 3

Brachytherapy dose volume histogram achievability

Target doseD90 CTVHR D98 CTVHR D98GTVres D98CTVIR
EQD210 EQD210 EQD210 EQD210
Achieved in 70% of patients*>90 Gy>80 Gy>95 Gy> 60 Gy
<95 Gy
Achieved in 90% of patients*>85 Gy>75 Gy>90 Gy
OARs Rectum D2cm3 EQD23 Bladder D2cm3 EQD23 ICRU rectovaginal point EQD23 ICRU bladder point EQD23 Bowel D2cm3 EQD23 Sigmoid D2cm3 EQD23
Achieved in 70% of patients*<65 Gy<80 Gy<65 Gy<75 Gy<65 Gy<70 Gy
Achieved in 90% of patients*<75 Gy<85 Gy<75 Gy<85 Gy<75 Gy<75 Gy
  • *Achievability is assessed per dose volume histogram parameter.

  • CTVHR, high risk clinical target volume; CTVIR, intermediate risk clinical target volume; D90, minimal dose delivered to 90% of the target volume; D98, minimal dose delivered to 98% of the target volume; D2cm3, minimal doses delivered to the most irradiated 2 cm3 parts of the organs; EQD2, equivalent doses per fractions of 2 Gy with alpha/beta value of 3 Gy for late normal tissue reactions (EQD23) and 10 Gy for tumor (EQD210); GTVres, residual gross tumor volume at time of brachytherapy; ICRU, International Commission on Radiation Units and Measurements; OARs, organs at risk.