Table 1

Inclusion and exclusion criteria

Inclusion criteriaExclusion criteria
Premenopausal statusWish for second-stage oophorectomy within 2 years after salpingectomy (if clear at enrollment)
Documented class IV or V germline pathogenic variant in the BRCA1, BRCA2, BRIP1, RAD51C, or RAD51D genePrior bilateral salpingectomy
Age 25–40 years for BRCA1, 25–45 years for BRCA2, and 25–50 years for BRIP1, RAD51C, and RAD51D pathogenic variant carriersPersonal history of ovarian, fallopian tube, or peritoneal cancer
Childbearing completedCurrent clinical signs, diagnosis, or treatment for malignant disease
Presence of at least one fallopian tube
Participants may have a personal history of a non-ovarian malignancy