Table 2

Incidence of adnexal involvement for patients with grade 2 or 3 endometrial cancer reported in the literature

StudyGrade 2Grade 3
NPatients with adnexal involvementNPatients with adnexal involvement
Ignatov et al 201822 9484046071Pre/post menopausal
Pan et al 201125 n/an/a2568Pre/post menopausal
Gilani et al 201124 9512315Pre/post menopausal
Takeshima et al 199828 1226643Pre/post menopausal
Kinjyo et al 201519 12371Premenopausal only
Chen et al 202121 n/an/a283Premenopausal only
Baiocchi et al 202117 n/an/a25624Pre/post menopausal
Juhasz-Böss et al 201223 159174813Pre/post menopausal
Gemer et al 200411051Pre/post menopausal
Lee et al 200712 635222Pre/post menopausal
Akbayir et al 2012218108711Pre/post menopausal
Walsh et al15 31572Premenopausal only
Kuwabara et al 200427 n/an/a7416Pre/post menopausal
Sun et al 20135 371319Premenopausal only
Total169699 (5.8%)1348179 (13.3%)
  • n/a, not available.