Table 1

Reclassification of the staging schema in vulvar cancer

2009 schema2021 schemaStage change
IIIA1 (≥5 mm)IIIB (>5 mm)Upstaged
IIIA (5 mm)No
IIIA2 (<5 mm)IIIA (<5 mm)No
IIIB1 (≥5 mm)IIIB (>5 mm)No
IIIA (5 mm)Downstaged
IIIB2 (<5 mm)IIIA (<5 mm)Downstaged
 IVA1IIIA (non-osseous*)Downstaged
IVA (osseous†)No
Eleven substagesEight substagesReduced by three substages
  • Synoptic description of the FIGO 2021 schema is shown in Online supplemental table S1.

  • *Upper urethral, vaginal mucosa, bladder mucosa, or rectal mucosal invasion.

  • †Fixed to pelvic bone.

  • FIGO, International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics.