Table 2

Summary of patient and treatment characteristics and treatment outcomes of the included cohort studies. Outcome data are expressed at 5 years, unless indicated differently

Author (year of publication)Years of inclusionNo of patientsMono/ multi centerProspective/ retrospectiveMedian FU (months)Age (years)FIGO stage (n (%))HT deviceHT temp (median °C)Outcome
Franckena (2009)47 1996–2005378MultiRetrospective445813 (3)160 (42)163 (43)42 (11)Radiative40.6534740
Westermann (2012)48 1998–200268MultiProspective81453 (4)42 (62)21 (31)2 (3)Radiative40.7NA5866
Kroesen (2019)20 2005–2016227MonoRetrospective525432 (14)118 (52)53 (23)24 (11)Radiative40.57360*40*
  • *Based on 12 years of follow-up.

  • DFS, disease free survival; FIGO, International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics stage 2008; FU, follow-up; LC, local control; NA, not available; OS, overall survival; PC, pelvic control.