Table 1
TMN stagePrimary tumor definition
Primary tumorRegional lymph nodesDistant
FIGO definitionMRI definition
IT1N0M0Tumor confined to Vagina, ≤2 cmTumor limited to the vaginal wall, shown as an uninterrupted T2-hypointense sub-mucosal layer
IIT2N0M0Tumor invades Paravaginal tissue
But not the pelvis wall ≤2 cm
Tumor extends into the paravaginal space or fat, shown as interrupted, hypo-intense vaginal mucosal and muscular layer
IIIT3N0M0Tumor extends to Pelvic wall and is any Size and/or hydronephrosisTumor invasion of iliac vessels, pelvic muscle, (eg, obturator internus piriformis, and levator ani) or bony structures
IIIT1, T2, T3N1M0Tumor extends to
Pelvic wall and is any
Size and/or
Hydronephrosis and spread
In the pelvis or groin
IVAAny TAny NM0Tumor invades bladder or rectum or Extends beyond pelvisTumor invades the adjacent organs involving the mucosal layer of the bladder, rectum, or urethra, or extends beyond the true pelvis
  • FIGO, International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics; M1, distant metastasis; M, metastasis; M0, no distant metastasis; N0, no regional lymph node metastasis; N1, regional lymph node metastasis; N, lymph node; T, tumor; TNM, tumor, node and metastasis.