Table 3

Select ongoing clinical trials evaluating anti-programmed death 1/programmed death ligand 1 therapies in patients with primary advanced or recurrent endometrial cancer

StudyPhaseTherapyDiseasePrevious therapyBiomarkersNLocation
3Dostarlimab (anti-PD-1) + carboplatin + paclitaxel followed by dostarlimab with or without niraparib vs
placebo + carboplatin + paclitaxel followed by placebo
First recurrent or primary stage III–IV endometrial cancerPatients had received no previous systemic chemotherapy; previous neoadjuvant/adjuvant chemotherapy permitted if recurrence ≥6 monthsMSI-H or MSS~470Europe, North America
3Paclitaxel + carboplatin + atezolizumab (anti-PD-L1) followed by atezolizumab vs
paclitaxel + carboplatin + placebo followed by placebo
Newly diagnosed, advanced stage III–IV or recurrent endometrial cancerPatients had received one previous line of chemotherapy if upfront/adjuvant and platinum-free interval ≥6 monthsNone~550Australia, Europe, Japan, New Zealand
ENGOT-en9/LEAP-001 (current study)
3Pembrolizumab + lenvatinib
(anti-PD-1 + tyrosine kinase inhibitor) vs
paclitaxel + carboplatin
Stage III, IV, or recurrent endometrial cancerPatients may have received previous chemotherapy (as neoadjuvant/adjuvant therapy and/or concurrently with radiation) radiation, or hormonal therapy (completed ≥1 week prior)dMMR or pMMR~875Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, South America
3Pembrolizumab (anti-PD-1) + paclitaxel + carboplatin followed by pembrolizumab vs
placebo + paclitaxel + carboplatin followed by placebo
Stage III–IVB or recurrent endometrial cancerPatients may have received prior adjuvant chemotherapy (completed ≥12 months prior), radiation therapy (completed ≥4 weeks prior), or hormonal therapy (completed ≥3 weeks prior)PD-L1-positive or negative; dMMR or pMMR~810North America
  • dMMR, mismatch repair-deficient; MSI-H, microsatellite instability high; MSS, microsatellite stable; PD-1, programmed death 1; PD-L1, programmed death ligand 1; pMMR, mismatch repair-proficient.