Table 2

Adequate pre-operative investigations

QI 6 - Proportion of patients with a pre-operative work-up according to the ESGO/ESTRO/ESP guidelines
TypeOutcome indicator
DescriptionThe pre-operative mandatory work-up, based on the ESGO/ESTRO/ESP guidelines, includes: family history; general assessment and inventory of co-morbidities; geriatric assessment, if appropriate; clinical examination, including pelvic examination; expert vaginal or transrectal ultrasound or pelvic MRI. Depending on clinical and pathologic risk, additional imaging modalities (thoracic, abdominal, and pelvic CT scan, MRI, positron emission tomography scan, or ultrasound) should be considered to assess ovarian nodal, peritoneal, and other sites of metastatic disease
SpecificationsNumerator: number of patients who have undergone pre-operative work-up according to the ESGO/ESTRO/ESP guidelines (as defined above)
Denominator: all patients who have undergone surgery
QI 7 - Proportion of presumed FIGO stage I–II upstaged to IVB disease
TypeOutcome indicator
DescriptionPresence of peritoneal carcinomatosis and distant metastases in patients who have been considered early-stage disease (stage I–II) pre-operatively
SpecificationsNumerator: number of patients with post-operative stage IVB including peritoneal carcinomatosis
Denominator: all patients with presumed stage I–II disease undergoing surgery