Table 1

Basic demographic and clinical characteristics of included studies

AuthorYearCountryInstitutionYears of enrollmentFollow-upType of MISOpen (n)MIS
NOS scoreTumor size determinationStageControlling variables
Chen C et al 22 2020ChinaDatabase of 37 hospitals2004–2016Median 36 mthsAll laparoscopic9269267pathology, if not available MRI,CT, USIB1Age, diagnosis year, histology, vaginal margin, parametrial involvement, LN status, tumor size, depth of invasion, LVSI, and adjuvant treatment
Chen X et al 21 2020ChinaFirst Affiliated Wenzhou, First People’s Hosp Foshan, Taizhou Hospital2010–2018Open 49.5 mths,
MIS 51.8 mths
All laparoscopic1961298physical examination, MRI or USIB1Age, histology, grade, pre-operative conization, depth of invasion, LVSI, adjuvant treatment
Chiva et al 20 2020EuropeMulticenter1/2013-12/2014Median 59 mthsn/a1601287PathologyIB1Tumor size, grade, LVSI, depth of invasion, margins status, LN status, and adjuvant treatment
Hu et al 16 2020ChinaSecond Uni Hospital of Sichuan2013–2016Median 60 mthsAll laparoscopic1471476MRI/CT if not available pelvic examinationIA2–IIAAge, stage, histology, tumor size, depth of invasion, and adjuvant treatment
Kim et al 15 2019S.KoreaSeoul National University,
Bundang Hospital
2002–2018Open 133.4 mths
MIS 46.8 mths
All laparoscopic1221227MRIIB1Stage, parametrial involvement, and LN status
Nam et al 13 2012S.KoreaAsan Medical Center1997–2008Open 127 mths,
MIS 63 mths
All laparoscopic1731627N/SIA2–IATumor size, depth of invasion,
LVSI, parametrial involvement, LN status, and age
Paik et al 12 2019S.KoreaMulticenter2000–2008Median 63.6 mthsAll laparoscopic186627Physical examination, if not available CT/MRIIB1–IIAAge, stage, histology,
LVSI, depth of invasion, and tumor size
Rodriguez et al 24 2021InternationalMulticenter2006–2017Open 52.1 mths, MIS 52.6 mthsAll laparoscopic4924868Physical examinationIA1–IB1Age, year of diagnosis, stage, histology, grade, tumor size, and adjuvant treatment
Uppal et al 10 2020USAMulticenter2010–2017Open 44.6 mths,
MIS 30.7 mths
~80% robotic821826PathologyIA1–IB1Co-morbidity index, race, BMI, pathology grade, histology, LVSI, and adjuvant treatment
Yang et al 11 2020USAMayo Clinic Registry2000–2017Open 130 mths,
MIS 53 mths
All robotic57507PathologyIA2–IIAAge, race, depth of invasion, tumor size, parametrial involvement, positive margins, LN status, stage, grade, and LVSI
  • LN lymph node, BMI, body mass index; LVSI, lymphovascular space invasion; MIS, minimally invasive surgery; mths, months; n/a, not available; NOS, Newcastle-Ottawa score.;