Table 3

Performance of screening scenarios according to triage strategies stratified by referral rates to treatment or colposcopy, histology results, over-treatment or over-referral rates to colposcopy, and number of treatments or colposcopies per CIN2+

One-visit scenario and triage strategy*HPV-positive women (triage)Referred for treatmentHistology <CIN2Histology CIN2+Over-treatmentWomen treated per CIN2+
VA286168/286 (58.7%)14127141/168 (83.9%)6.2
Genotyping and reflex VA286192/286 (67.1%)16329163/192 (84.8%)6.6
Two-visit scenario and triage strategy†Referred for colposcopyHistology <CIN2Histology ≥CIN2Over-referral to colposcopyWomen referred per CIN2+
Manual LBC27651/276 (18.5%)232823/51 (45.0%)1.8
Genotyping and reflex manual LBC27995/279 (34.4%)662966/95 (69.4%)3.3
Automated LBC25391/253 (36.0%)632863/91 (69.2%)3.2
Genotyping and reflex automated LBC263133/263 (50.6%) (50.6%)10231102/133 (76.7%) (76.7%)4.3
  • *Suitable for low-income countries.

  • †Suitable for middle-income countries.

  • CIN2+, cervical intraepithelial neoplasia grade 2 or worse; <CIN2, cervical intraepithelial neoplasia grade 1 or negative; LBC, liquid-based cytology; VA, visual assessment.