Table 3

Trials of adjuvant radiotherapy and chemotherapy in endometrial cancer

TrialEnrollmentNo. of patientsEligibilityRandomization5-Year overall survival5-Year progression-free survival
Italian15 1990–1997345Stage I–II with grade 3 tumor; stage IIIPelvic RT vs 5 x CAP69% vs 66% (NS)63% vs 63% (NS)
GOG-12214 1992–2000396Stage III and IV, up to 2 cm residual disease after surgery allowedWhole abdomen irradiation vs 8 x AP42% vs 55% (p<0.01)38% vs 50% (p<0.01)
Japanese16 1994–2000385Stage I–II with >50% myometrial invasionPelvic RT vs 3 x CAP85% vs 87% (NS)84% vs 82% (NS)
NSGO/EORTC pooled with Iliade-III17 1996–2007534, NSGO/EORTC 378 and Iliade 156NSGO/EORTC stage I–III;
Iliade stage II–III
Pelvic RT vs pelvic RT and 4 x AP or TAP or TC or TEP75% vs 82% (p=0.07)69% vs 78% (p=0.02)
PORTEC-320 2006–2013686Stage I–II with high-risk factors, stage IIIPelvic RT vs pelvic RT with 2 x CP followed by 4 x TC76% vs 81% (p=0.034)
Stage III 69% vs 79%
Serous EC 53% vs 71%
69% vs 77% (p=0.016)
Stage III 58% vs 71%
Serous EC 47% vs 60%
GOG-24918 2009–2013601Stage I–II with high-intermediate or high-risk factorsPelvic RT vs VBT and 3 x TC87% vs 85% (NS)76% vs 76% (NS)
GOG-25821 2009–2014736Stage III and IVa without residual disease up to 2 cmPelvic RT with 2 x CP followed by 4 x TC vs 6 x TC70% vs 73% (NS)59% vs 58% (NS)
  • AP, doxorubicin plus cisplatin; CAP, cyclophosphamide, doxorubicin, and cisplatin; CP, cisplatin; EC, endometrial cancer; GOG, Gynaecologic Oncology Group; NS, not significant; NSGO/EORTC, Nordic Society of Gynecologic Oncology/European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer; PORTEC, Post Operative Radiation Therapy for Endometrial Carcinoma; RT, radiation therapy; TAP, doxorubicin, cisplatin, and paclitaxel; TC, paclitaxel plus carboplatin; TEP, paclitaxel, epirubicin, and cisplatin; VBT, vaginal brachytherapy.