Table 2

Adjuvant radiotherapy in stage I–II endometrial cancer

TrialEnrollmentNo. of patientsSurgeryEligibilityRandomizationLoco-regional recurrenceSurvival
GOG-994 1987–1995392TH-BSO+LNDStages IB/C; stage II (occult)EBRT vs NAT2 years: 3% vs 12% (p=0.007)4 years: 86% vs 92% (p=0.0557)
PORTEC-15 1990–1997714TH-BSOStages IB G2-3; stages IC G1-2EBRT vs NAT5 years: 4% vs 14% (p<0.001)5 years: 85% vs 81% (p=0.31)
Swedish7 1997–2008527TH-BSOStage I intermediate riskVBT vs VBT+EBRT5 years: 5% vs 1.5% (p=0.013)5 years: 90% vs 89% (p=0.55)
ASTEC/EN.56 1996–2008905TH-BSO±LNDStages IA/B G3; IC; stage II; serous/CCEBRT vs NAT5 years: 6% vs 3% (p=0.02)5 years: 84% vs 84% (p=0.98)
PORTEC-28 2002–2006427TH-BSOAge >60 and stage IB G3 or stages IC G1-2; stage IIAEBRT vs VBT5 years: 5% vs 2% (p=0.17)5 years: 85% vs 80% (p=0.57)
  • LND; lymph node dissection G; grade; LND; lymph node G; grade; EBRT, external beam radiation therapy; GOG, Gynaecologic Oncology Group; NAT, no adjuvant treayment; PORTEC, Post Operative Radiation Therapy for Endometrial Carcinoma; TH-BSO, total hysterectomy and bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy; VBT, vaginal brachy therapy.