Table 2

Statistically significant variations in key points up to diagnosis, by country, p<0.05

CountryAwareness (n=1531)Women seeking medical help (n=1398)Time from visiting doctor to diagnosis (n=1093)
Had not heard of, or knew nothing about, ovarian cancerKnew a lot about ovarian cancerProportion of women with symptoms who sought medical helpProportion of women with symptoms who visited doctor within 1 monthProportion of women with symptoms who waited more than 3 months before visiting doctorProportion of women who were diagnosed within 1 month of visiting doctor
All respondents69.1%4.6%78.3%46.3%25.1%43.2%
Australia (120)
Brazil (52)86.4% (p=0.003, z=3.01)
Canada (167)59.3% (p=0.013, z=−2.47)85.0%
(p=0.028, z=2.20)
Germany (141)79.3% (p=0.005, z=2.8)63.3% (p=0.001, z=−3.23)77.3%
(p=0.000, z=6.12)
8% (p=0.000, z=−5.05)
Hungary (58)50.9% (p=0.007, z=−2.71)
Italy (92)56.5% (p=0.017, z=−2.38)62.3% (p=0.003, z=2.99)
Japan (250)82% (p=0.000, z=4.76)62.8% (p=0.000, z=−4.56)56.3% (p=0.003, z=2.97)
Spain (70)62.2%
(p=0.003, z=2.15)
UK (176)87.7% (p=0.001, z=3.43)30% (p=0.003, z=−2.95)
USA (248)84.4% (p=0.002, z=2.32)38.5%
(p=0.004, z=−2.08)
(p=0.005, z=1.99)