Table 1

Characteristics of the women in the study (n=1531)

Age of respondents (years) Year of diagnosis
Ovarian cancer stage on diagnosis Status at time of survey
 Stage I29.0%Receiving first-line treatment10.7%
 Stage II11.5%In remission55%
 Stage III43.8%
 Stage IV12.8%
 I do not know/cannot remember2.9%
Most common types of ovarian cancer Average for all respondents Significant variations p Values (corr to 3dp) and z scores
 Epithelial serous ovarian cancer34%Hungary 17.2%
Canada 44.3%
p=0.001, z=−3.29
p=0.011, z=2.55
 Epithelial endometrioid ovarian cancer10%Germany 2.8%
UK 5.7%
Japan 21.6%
p=0.000, z=−4.49
p=0.002, z=−2.26
p=0.000, z=4.28
 Epithelial clear cell ovarian cancer9.4%Brazil 1.9%
Germany 3.6%
Japan 22%
p=0.038, z=−3.66
p=0.001, z=−3.39
p=0.000, z=4.62
 I don’t know/cannot remember12.5%Brazil 3.9%
Japan 4%
Italy 5.4%
Germany 22%
Hungary 29.3%
p=0.002, z=−3.11
p=0.000, z=−5.69
p=0.005, z=−2.83
p=0.000, z=2.63
p=0.000, z=2.78