Table 4

Multivariate analysis of measures of aggressive care at the end of life

Palliative care referral vs no palliative care referralAdjusted OR95% CIp value
Chemotherapy during last 14 DOL0.620.22 to 1.720.36
More than one admission during last 30 DOL0.210.07 to 0.610.004*
More than one ED visit during last 30 DOL0.180.05 to 0.560.003*
14 out of last 30 DOL admitted0.220.08 to 0.630.004*
ICU admission during last 30 DOL0.240.06 to 0.940.04*
GOC discussion5.412.26 to 12.97<0.001*
Location of death: ACS0.190.07 to 0.51<0.001*
Location of death: hospice13.183.16 to 54.91<0.001
  • Adjusted for site of treatment, age at diagnosis, stage at diagnosis, histology, grade, ethnicity/race.

  • *Statistically significant.

  • ACS, acute care setting; DOL, days of life; ED, emergency department; GOC, goals of care; ICU, intensive care unit.