Table 2

Multivariate model of progression-free and overall survival

VariableHR95% CI Lower Bound95% CI Upper BoundP value
Multivariate model of progression-free survival
 Neoadjuvant chemotherapy cycle<0.001
  3 vs 41.10.7391.638
  ≥5 vs 42.1961.453.325
BRCA status0.006
  BRCA1/2 mutation vs none0.4290.2480.74
  Not test vs no0.7150.4331.178
 Complete gross resection
  Yes vs no0.3970.2780.566<0.001
Multivariate model of overall survival
 Neoadjuvant chemotherapy cycle0.016
  3 vs 41.6060.7973.237
  ≥5 vs 42.7751.3695.625
 Histology: high-grade serous vs other0.3450.150.790.012
 Neoadjuvant imaging
  Response vs none1.4240.6063.3470.418
 Complete gross resection
  Yes vs no0.3980.2270.6990.001