Table 1

Overview of modern algorithms with characteristics

Algorithm*Components†Sample‡Base rate (%)Sensitivity (%)§/specificity (%)¶
ROMA, 2009 USA7 CA125, HE4, menopause352 Benign 179 OC33.774.7/92.3
CPH-I, 2015 International9 CA125, HE4, age809 Benign 246 OC23.395.0/78.4
R-OPS, 2016 Thailand10 CA125, HE4, menopause, ultrasound158 Benign 102 OC39.293.9/79.9
  • Benign=benign tumors. OC=Ovarian cancer incl borderline tumors. For CPH-I and R-OPS, the development samples were used.

  • *Algorithm abbreviation, year of publication, country, and reference.

  • †Components of the algorithm.

  • ‡Samples of pelvic masses.

  • §Sensitivity of ovarian cancer identified according to the algorithm.

  • ¶Specificity of benign tumors identified according to the algorithm.

  • CA125, Cancer antigen 125; CPH-I, Copenhagen Index; HE4, human epididymis protein 4; OC, ovarian cancer, including borderline tumors; ROMA, Risk of Malignancy Algorithm ; R-OPS, Rajavithi–Ovarian Predictive Score.