Table 1

Mutation prevalence and delays in obtaining results between the genetics referral cohort and the gynecologic oncologist-initiated testing cohort

Genetics referral cohort (January 2014–July 2017)Gynecologic oncologist-initiated genetic testing (August 2017–August 2018)Significance
Patients with HGSC10844
Patients undergoing genetic testing, n (%)54 (50%)38 (86.3%)
Prevalence of germline BRCA mutations, n (%)14 (25.9%)8 (21.1%)
BRCA1 5 (9.2%)5 (13.1%)
BRCA2 9 (16.7%)3 (7.8%)
Median time from diagnosis to genetics consult53 days
(range 3–751 days)
Median time from diagnosis to genetic testing154 days
(range 4–848 days)
40 days
(range 8–175 days)
Median delay between testing and result28.5 days
(range 7–271 days)
8 days
(range 8–48 days)
Median time from diagnosis to result58 days
(range 19–175 days)
  • 186 days (range 15–938 days)

  • P-values obtained with the Mann–Whitney U test for medians

  • *HGSC :high-grade serous ovarian, tubal, or peritoneal carcinoma, BRCA: BReast CAncer gene