Table 1

Advantages, complications and contraindications of 1–4double-barrel wet colostomy

Modified double-barrel wet colostomy
Advantages versus classical double diversion Main complications Contraindications
General urinary complications
(range %)
Specific urinary complications
(range %)
Single stomaPyelonephritis
Anastomotic stenosis
Insufficient colon length
Shorter operating time and length of stayElectrolyte abnormalities
Anastomotic leak
Insufficient ureteral length
Formation of a separate urinary diversion in the small bowel (frequently irradiated) is avoidedUrinary fistula
Similar perioperative complication rates (mortality <30 days, postoperative complications, re-operations)Risk of intestinal carcinoma origin at the uretero-intestinal anastomotic site
Similar long-term complication rates (pyelonephritis, electrolyte disturbances, urinary anastomotic problems)
Improved quality of life