Table 1

Patients characteristics

Patient NoAge at diagnosis
FIGO stagePretreatment tumor size (cm)Pelvic nodes
Para-aortic nodes
236IIB4×51/160/15Squamous cellG2
344IIIB4.4×3.71/10/7Squamous cellG3
437IIB5×3.20/150/12Squamous cellG3
533IB12.5×32/160/5Squamous cellG3
652IIB4.2×3.60/170/15Squamous cellG3
739IIA13.7×2.56/360/5Squamous cellG1
830IA20.4×0.7SN positive; left pelvic SN: 2 mm metastasis; right pelvic SN: isolated tumor cells0/12Squamous cellG2
  • FIGO, International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics; SN, sentinel node procedure.