Table 1

Univariate analysis of predictive factors associated with parametrial involvement

Predictive variableTotal population
Group with parametrial involvement
P value
n, mean±SD%(range)n, mean±SD%(range)
Age (years)
BMI (kg/m2)
Clinical FIGO stage
 IA1 with emboli–IA22011.500.00.67
 Squamous cell carcinoma11063.687.30.26
 Other type74.000.0
 Not specified1
Grade of differentiation
 Not specified472
Lymphovascular space invasion in biopsy or conization specimen
 Not specified241
Tumor size on pre-operative imaging
 Mean (mm)10.4±10.7(0–41)18.9±12.9(0–32)0.02
 Size <20 mm12773.021.60.0004
 Size ≥20 mm4727.0714.9
Pre-operative conization
Tumor size
 Mean (mm)13.6±7.4(1–35)20.8±4.3(15–27)0.02
 <20 mm74/10570.51/51.40.01
 ≥20 mm31/10529.54/512.9
Deep stromal invasion
 Mean (mm)7.1±5.8(1–35)11.0±4.6(6–15)0.23
 <10 mm70/10575.31/51.40.09
 ≥10 mm23/10524.72/58.7
 Not specified12/1052/5
Type of surgery
 Radical hysterectomy13275.986.10.35
 Radical trachelectomy4224.112.4
Type of lymph node staging
 SLN biopsy alone5531.611.80.17
 SLN biopsy + pelvic lymphadenectomy11968.486.7
 No of SLNs harvested3.9±1.8(2–10)3.3±1.9(2–7)0.33
Patients with positive SLNs
(frozen section)
 Frozen section not performed321
Patients with positive SLN
SLN status
 Isolated tumor cells95.2222.2
Final pathologic examination
Tumor size
 Mean (mm)10.5±12.1(0–60)29.4±11.9(15– 50)<0.0001
 <20 mm13076.021.50.0001
 ≥20 mm4124.0717.1
 Not specified3
Deep stromal invasion
 Mean (mm)5.8±7.8(0–40)17.8±8.8(6–30)<0.0001
 <10 mm11174.021.80.001
 ≥10 mm3926.0615.4
 Not specified241
Lymphovascular space invasion
Vaginal invasion
 Not specified2
Positive margin
 Not specified2
  • FIGO, International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics; SLN, sentinel lymph node.