Table 4

Surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy: endometrial cancer

1b7or High63 263or Medium7 363or Low7
  • Hemorrhage7 63

  • Peritonitis63

  • Radiotherapy complications63

  • (Fistula/perforation)

  • Post-operative bleeding/ureteric injury63

  • Hydatiform mole curettage or hysterectomy64

  • High-risk or high-grade disease7

  • Uterus confined disease63

  • Grade 3 endometrioid/grade 2 p53 mutated/serous/carcinosarcoma/

    undifferentiated/clear cell16

  • Known/suspicion of high-grade uterine sarcoma16

  • Low-grade, early stage7

  • Risk-reducing surgery in genetically predisposed63

  • Complex atypical hyperplasia not controlled with hormonal therapy63

  • Repair of asymptomatic fistula63

  • Resection of slow growing central recurrence63

Chemotherapy and radiotherapy
  • Adjuvant treatment after curative intent surgery