Table 1

Summary of guideline recommendations for surgery and systemic therapies

CountryGuidelineModalityAdditional information
Lymph node stagingPrimary debulking surgeryInterval debulking surgery*IP chemo-therapyBevacizumabRadiotherapyPARP inhibitors
AustraliaCARRRR†RNRCan be considered in stage III women optimally debulked; should be provided in a center with appropriate expertize, and potential toxicities should be fully explained†
DenmarkDGCGR†RRNRNRSystematic lymphadenectomy also recommended†
CanadaAHSRRRRN†T‡RMore trials needed before this regimen can be adopted†
Consider in select cases to improve local control, at the discretion of the radiation oncologist‡
BCCRRRRRT†RPost-operative radiation therapy only recommended for clear cell, endometrioid, and mucinous tumors.†
UKNICERRRN†N‡NRDo not offer, except in clinical trial†
Not recommended for first-line treatment in combination with carboplatin and paclitaxel‡
BGCSRRRN†NNRCan be offered in clinical trial where appropriate expertize and resources exist†
Scotland SIGNRRRR†RNRCan be considered provided a regimen of proven benefit in a clinical trial compared with intravenous therapy is used and delivered in a center with appropriate expertize and where the potential toxicities are fully explained†
Wales SWCNRRRN†NNNConcerns regarding associated morbidity and technical difficulties; not considered standard practice in the UK†
Northern Ireland NICaNN†NNRNot currently recommended outside of clinical trial†
ESMORRRN†RNRNot adopted as standard of care due to a lack of trials with IV control arm; only recommended in clinical trials†
  • Northern Ireland guidelines only contain recommendations for systemic anti-cancer therapy; ESGO only contain recommendations for surgery.

  • In Ireland, a clinical practice guideline for the management of ovarian cancer did not exist at the time of collection (as of August 2019); a guideline for diagnosis and staging has since been published by Ireland’s National Cancer Control Program (NCCP), with others in development.

  • *Neoadjuvant chemotherapy followed by interval debulking surgery.

  • †Signifies additional information relating to the value shown earlier in the same row.

  • N, not recommended/mentioned; R, recommended; T, textual information.