Table 4

Respondents’ attitudes towards ERAS practices

Great but difficult to implement
 Agree–strongly agree19342.5
 Disagree–strongly disagree7716.9
Reduces unscheduled visits
 Agree–strongly agree20545.1
 Disagree–strongly disagree16837
Reduces re-admission rates
 Agree–strongly agree20745.5
 Disagree–strongly disagree16536.3
Increases complication risk
 Agree–strongly agree4910.7
 Disagree–strongly disagree7215.8
Is a safe procedure
 Agree–strongly agree35477.9
 Disagree–strongly disagree6313.8
Improves patient satisfaction
 Agree–strongly agree33974.6
 Disagree–strongly disagree7616.7
Improves patient outcome
 Agree–strongly agree36680.6
 Disagree–strongly disagree5512.1
  • For each question (Likert scale) valid responses are shown out of total respondents (454). However, percentages are taken with respect to 454, hence sum may not be 100%.

  • ERAS, Enhanced Recovery After Surgery.