Table 3

Questionnaire responses for post-operative components of ERAS gynecologic oncologic guidelines

ERAS elementN%
Nasogastric tube used post-operatively
 Overall use (sometimes–always)25456
 Small bowel surgery23351.3
 Large bowel surgery17739
 Ligation short gastric vessels10823.8
Post-operative DVT prophylaxis
Post-operative DVT prophylaxis (duration)
 During surgery only14030.8
 <1 month9420.7
 1 month15233.4
 >1 month224.8
Post-operative intravenous fluids stopped
 <12 hours after surgery4610.1
 12–24 hours after surgery6514.3
 >24 hours after surgery15033
 When patient accepts fluids orally18240
Urinary catheter removed post-laparotomy
 Within 24 hours19342.5
 24–48 hours19743.4
 48–72 hours5411.9
Post-operative ambulation (average start time)
 Day of surgery13529.7
 Post-operative day 128462.6
 Post-operative day 2255.5
Prevention of post-operative ileus
 Chewing gum11926.2
 Milk of magnesia235.1
 Mu opioid antagonist143.1
Post-operative regular diet initiation
 <24 hours15634.4
 24–48 hours194.2
 48–72 hours18139.9
 >72 hours8719.2
Peritoneal drain use (sometimes–always)
 Bowel surgery34475.0
 Urological procedures32473.6
 Liver resection31368.9
  • For each question valid responses are shown out of total respondents (454). However, percentages are taken with respect to 454, hence sum may not be 100%.

  • DVT, deep vein thrombosis; ERAS, Enhanced Recovery After Surgery.