Table 2

Questionnaire responses for pre-operative and intra-operative components of ERAS gynecologic oncology guidelines

ERAS elementn=454%
Pre-operative fasting solids
 6 hours286.2
 6–8 hours24754.4
 >8 hours17739.0
Pre-operative fasting liquids
 2 hours235.1
 2–6 hours26257.7
 >6 hours16736.8
Carbohydrate loading pre-operatively
Pre-operative and intra-operative DVT prophylaxis
Intra-operative fluid management protocol
 Yes, at discretion of anesthesia team24554.0
 Yes, goal-directed therapy protocol – invasive (ie, esophageal Doppler)132.9
 Yes, goal-directed therapy protocol – non-invasive monitoring (ie, blood pressure, urinary output)8218.1
 Not sure347.5
Core temperature measured in operating theater
Bowel preparation use (sometimes−always)*
 For laparotomy28863.2
 Planned ovarian cancer debulking33373.3
 Concern for potential bowel surgery36279.7
Bowel preparation use (type)*
Pre-operative and intra-operative DVT prophylaxis*
 Unfractionated heparin408.8
 Low molecular weight heparin31970.3
 Pneumatic compression device18139.9
Regional pain management (sometimes–always use)*
 Thoracic epidural analgesia34074.9
 Transversus abdominis plane (TAP) block21747.8
  • *Respondents had the option to choose more than one response thus % may exceed 100.

  • DVT, deep vein thrombosis; ERAS, Enhanced Recovery After Surgery.