Table 1

Baseline characteristics

Age (years) (median (range))60 (29-89)
 Age <65 years (n (%))79(62.7)
 Age ≥65 years (n (%))47(37.3)
Ethnic origin n(%)
 Weight (kg) mean (±SD))68.3(±12.4)
Body mass index (n (%))
 Normal (<25kg/m2)53(42.1)
 Overweight (25–29.9kg/m2)43(34.1)
 Obesity I–II (30-34.9kg/m2)28(22.2)
 Obesity III–IV(≥≥35 kg/m2)2(1.6%)
Comorbidity (n(%))
 History of cardiovascular disease17(13.5)
 History of respiratory disease7(5.6)
 Post neoadjuvant treatment24(19.0)
Disease type (n(%))
 Low–intermediate risk endometrium cancer19(15.1)
 High risk endometrium cancer10(7.9)
 Borderline ovarian tumor6(4.8)
 Early stage ovarian cancer3(2.4)
 Advanced stage ovarian cancer5(4.0)
 Early stage cervical cancer3(2.4)
 Advanced stage cervical cancer2(1.6)
 Breast cancer76(60.3)
 Vulvar cancer2(1.6)
Age (years) by disease type (median (range))
Low–intermediate risk endometrium cancer60 (29-83)
High risk endometrium cancer69 (60-89)
Borderline ovarian tumor52 (40-71)
Early stage ovarian cancer45 (42-60)
Advanced stage ovarian cancer63 (43-83)
Early stage cervical cancer37 (33-62)
Advanced stage cervical cancer65 (59-71)
Breast cancer59 (37-81)
Vulvar cancer73 (60-86)