Table 2

Factors associated with disease-free survival in patients with FIGO stage IB1 and tumor size ≤2 cm

CharacteristicsUnivariate analysisMultivariate analysis
HR95% CIP valueAdjusted HR95% CIP value
Age, years
 <501 (Ref)1 (Ref)
 ≥501.035(0.984 to 1.089)0.1781.600(0.501 to 5.112)0.428
 SCC1 (Ref)1 (Ref)
 Non-SCC2.064(0.717 to 5.944)0.1793.114(0.838 to 11.576)0.090
Preoperative conization or LEEP
 No1 (Ref)1 (Ref)
 Yes0.382(0.087 to 1.682)0.2030.211(0.027 to 1.659)0.139
 I1 (Ref)1 (Ref)
 II–III0.737(0.202 to 2.686)0.6441.031(0.262 to 4.053)0.965
Parametrial involvement
 No1 (Ref)
 Yes0.049(0 to 2.231E+15)0.878
Lymph node involvement
 No1 (Ref)
 Yes0.047(0 to 4325.232)0.6
Invasion depth
 <2/31 (Ref)1 (Ref)
 ≥2/30.383(0.050 to 2.914)0.3540.732(0.085 to 6.326)0.777
 No1 (Ref)1 (Ref)
 Yes0.827(0.188 to 3.642)0.8022.965(0.546 to 16.090)0.208
Adjuvant treatment
 No1 (Ref)1 (Ref)
 Yes0.512(0.146 to 1.796)0.2960.261(0.048 to 1.414)0.119
Surgical approach
 Open surgery1 (Ref)1 (Ref)
 Laparoscopy3.381(1.174 to 9.733)0.0244.64(1.26 to 17.06)0.02
  • FIGO, International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics; LEEP, loop electrosurgical excision procedure.; LVSI, lymphovascular space invasion; Ref, reference; SCC, squamous cell carcinoma.