Abstract P123 Table 1

Patient characteristics and distribution

CRS groups CRS-1,N=82(40.8%) CRS-2,N=65(32.3%) CRS-3,N=54(26.9%)
Number of NaCT cycles 3 cycles,n=48(23.9%) 4 cycles,n=136(67.7%) Greater than 4 cycles n=17(8.4%)
Extent of cytoreduction Complete n=77(38.3%) Optimal n=100(49.7%) Suboptimal n=24(12%)
Radiological response Good response n=88(43.8%) Partial response n=82(40.8%) Poor response n=31(15.4%)
Stages III C n=113(56%) IV A n=37(18%) IV B n=47(23%)
Histology HGSC n=187(93%) Other histology n=14(7%)
Type of NaCT 3 weekly carbo/taxol n=189(94%) weekly carbo/taxol n=12 carbo/taxol/bevacizumab n=10