Abstract – Table 2

ESGO members perceptions after LACC trial

I feel comfortable operating a radical Hysterectomy byLaparotomy:90%Laparoscopy:58%Robotics:19%Vaginally:5%
I feel comfortable operating a radical Trachelectomy byLaparotomy:62%Laparoscopy:27%Robotics:11%Vaginally:26%
I would offer a MIS approach in stage (FIGO 2019)IA1with LVSI: 62%IA2:63%IB1<2 cm:63%any IB1:10%
I would recommend MIS to candidates for radical trachelectomyYes:34%No:36%Maybe:24%I am lost:5%
I would carry out as first step the SNLB by MIS, independently of the eventual surgical approach (MIS or open) of the Radical HisterectomyYes:61%No:34%