Table 3

Surgical outcomes following robotic surgery

Robotic surgery cohort
 Complete cytoreduction, n47 (82.5%)
 ≤1 cm residual disease, n10 (17.5%)
 >1 cm residual disease, n0 (0%)
Estimated blood loss (mL), mean (SD)135 (210)
Hgb differential*, mean (SD)−12.3 (12.8)
Blood transfusion†, n (%)
 Intra-operative blood transfusion3 (5.3%)
 Intra-operative transfusion with pre-operative Hgb ≥100‡2 (3.5%)
 Post-operative blood transfusion14 (24.6%)
 Post-operative transfusion with pre-operative Hgb ≥100‡7 (12.3%)
Procedure time§, mean (SD)312 (84)
Length of stay (days)
 Mean (SD)2.1 (2.6)
 Median (range)1 (1–17)
  • *Post-operative minus pre-operative hemoglobin (Hgb).

  • †Data represent number of patients transfused with blood products including packed red blood cells, fresh frozen plasma, platelets, and/or albumin.

  • ‡Transfusion of blood products among patients with a pre-operative hemoglobin (Hgb) of 100 g/L or more in order to control for low Hgb due to reasons other than surgery (eg, neoadjuvant chemotherapy).

  • §Procedure time taken from skin incision to closure.