Table 3

Clinical pathological parameters and expression of SLC12A5 for prognosis of 147 patients with ovarian carcinoma by univariate survival analysis (log-rank test)

VariableAll casesMean survival
Median survival
P value
Age at surgery (years)0.313
 ≤51.4 *7474.587.0
Histological type0.308
Histological grade (Silveberg)0.002
pT status0.003
pN status<0.001
pM status<0.001
FIGO stage<0.001
SLC12A5 expression<0.001
 Low expression9285.987.0
 High expression5544.318.0
  • *Mean age.

  • †Endometrioid, clear cell, and undifferentiated types.

  • ‡Not reached.