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c-kit receptors in ovarian tumors and the response of ovarian carcinoma cell lines to recombinant human stem cell factor
  1. E. Wrigley*,
  2. A. T. McGown,
  3. T. H. Ward,
  4. C. Ewen§ and
  5. D. Crowther*
  1. * Department of Medical Oncology, Christie Hospital;†Experimental Chemotherapy, Paterson Institute; ‡CEll Culture Unit, Paterson Institute, Manchester M20 9BX; §Amgen Ltd., Cambridge CB4 4WD, UK
  1. Address for correspondence: Dr A. McGown, Paterson Institute for Cancer Research, Christie Hospital NHS Trust, Wilmslow Road, Manchester M20 9BX, UK.


The dose intensity of chemotherapy is an important factor in the treatment of patients with ovarian cancer, and a role for hemopoietic growth factors in accelerating bone marrow recovery after intensive chemotherapy has been established. A clinical trial has been proposed introducing recombinant human stem cell factor (rhSCF) to improve peripheral blood progenitor cell mobilization following chemotherapy for ovarian malignancy. In view of this a study to examine the expression of c-kit, the receptor for SCF, in ovarian tumors, and also the effect of rhSCF on the growth of ovarian tumor cell lines has been carried out. Of the 46 ovarian tumors examined immunohistochemically only one, a malignant teratoma, demonstrated positive c-kit expression. None of the short term or established ovarian carcinoma cell lines treated with rhSCF showed significant growth acceleration of adenocarcinoma cells. Similarly, none possessed c-kit receptors detected immunohistochemically.

  • c-kit
  • ovarian
  • stem cell factor

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