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Adjuvant radiation therapy is not necessary in the management of endometrial carcinoma stage I, low-risk cases
  1. H. K. Poulsen,
  2. M. Jacobsen,
  3. K. Bertelsen,
  4. J. E. Andersen,
  5. S. Ahrons,
  6. J. Bock,
  7. E. Bostofte,
  8. S. A. Engelholm,
  9. B. Hølund,
  10. A. Jakobsen,
  11. H. Kiaer,
  12. M. Nyland,
  13. P. H. Pedersen and
  14. I. Strøyer
  1. Address for correspondence: H. K. Poulsen, the DEMCA Secretariat, Department of Oncology, Odense University Hospital, DK-5000 Odense C., Denmark.


In an attempt to create uniform nationwide guidelines for the management of all stages of endometrial carcinoma, and to limit the use of adjuvant radiation therapy in stage I disease to high-risk patients only, a protocol was developed by the Danish Endometrial Cancer group (DEMCA). From September 1986 through August 1988, 1214 women in Denmark with newly diagnosed carcinoma of the endometrium have been treated according to this protocol. This figure represents all endometrial carcinomas diagnosed in Denmark during this 2-year period. The primary treatment was total abdominal hysterectomy and bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy and no preoperative radiation therapy was delivered. In 1039 cases no macroscopic residual tumor and/or microscopic tumor tissue in the resection margins was found following surgery. Based on surgery and histopathology, these patients were classified as: P-stage I low-risk (grade 1 & 2 and ≤ 50% myometrial invasion), P-stage I high-risk (grade 1 & 2 and > 50% myometrial invasion, and grade 3), P-stage II and P-stage III (Group 1). Distribution was as follows: P-I low-risk 641 patients, P-I high-risk 235, P-II 105 and P-III (Group 1) 58 patients. No postoperative radiation therapy was given to P-I low-risk cases. P-I high-risk, P-II, and P-III (Group 1) cases received external radiation therapy. Recurrence rate at 68-92 months follow-up was 45/641 (7%) in P-I low-risk, 36/235 (15%) in P-I high-risk, 30/105 (29%) in P-II, and 27/58(47%) in P-III (Group 1) cases. Fifteen of 17 vaginal recurrences in P-I low-risk cases were salvaged (mean observation time 61 months).

  • adjuvant radiation therapy
  • endometrial carcinoma
  • low-risk
  • stage I

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