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Stage II adenocarcinoma of the endometrium treated by two standard regimens of combined preoperative irradiation and surgery
  1. A. ZABLOW*,
  2. M. ADAMS*,
  3. C. GREGORI,
  4. J. L. BREEN and
  1. *Department of Radiation Oncology
  2. Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, St Barnabas Medical Center, Livingston, NJ 07039, USA
  1. Address for correspondence: Dr A. Zablow, Department of Radiation Oncology, St Barnabas Medical Center, Old Short Hills Road, Livingston, NJ 07039, USA.


We retrospectively analyzed 77 patients with stage II endometrial carcinoma treated with standard regimens of preoperative radiotherapy (RT) and surgery (S). The age range was 31–74 years with a median of 56.3 years. Thirty-three patients received 40 Gy whole pelvis RT followed by either radical or modified radical hysterectomy. Forty-four patients received 50 Gy whole pelvis RT and sequential intrauterine and intravaginal cesium-137 brachytherapy followed by a simple hysterectomy. Median follow-up was 111 months. No patient was lost to follow-up. The overall 5-year actuarial survival was 78%. There was no significant difference between the two treatment groups. Several prognostic variables were analyzed. Those with histologic grade I and II had 5-year survival of 89% and 83%, respectively, compared to 62% for grade III (P =0.045). The 5-year survival for microscopic cervical involvement was 87% compared to 59% for gross involvement (P = 0.008). Patients with negative or microscopic residual tumor in the surgical specimen and those with negative lymph nodes had less risk of treatment failure. Local failure occurred in only 9%. Major complications (3%) were seen only in the radical surgery group. Combined preoperative RT and S provide high cure rates with minimal complications for patients with stage II endometrial carcinoma. Patients with adverse prognostic factors are candidates for trials of more aggressive local and systemic therapy.

  • combined therapy
  • endometrial carcinoma
  • preoperative
  • prognostic factors
  • stage II

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