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314 Possibilities of instant diagnosis of pre-tumor and tumor diseases of the cervix
  1. NA Umarova,
  2. MK Bekenova,
  3. Rakhimova ZKh and
  4. ZR Sabirdjanova
  1. Nozima Abduvaxidovna Umarova, Citimed Medical Clinic, Tashkent Medical Academy, Tashkent, Uzbekistan


Introduction/Background Difficulties in implementing cytological screening programs in developing countries have led to the study of tests based on visual examination of the cervix and seeking for express diagnostics. Quite interesting method for cytological screeningis the use of a modified rapid test CIN DIAG.

Methodology Material and methods. The study involved 308 womenexamined for various female genitaliapathologies, whose average age was 35.5, the limits ranging 25–46 years old.

CIN DIAG is a plastic tube with a cotton swab in it, containing an appropriate solution. A swab soaked in a special solution was applied to the surface of the cervix, then pressed on the pharynx of the cervix and removed after 5 seconds. The changes in the swabcolor were assessed after 30 seconds and compared with the special scale attached to the test.

Results Results. Studies have shown that 98 (31.8%) swab were light green - CIN I, 106 (34.4%) patients had blue-green and dark emerald - CIN II, in 92 (29.8%) it was blue - CIN III. And, 12 (3.9%) was gray and black, which indicated the beginning of the development of cervical cancer in these women. When cancer is diagnosed, the stage and differentiation of the tumor was revealed without any discrepancy with the histological conclusion.

The results obtained fullymet the requirements of the regulatory document, the sensitivity of the coloringsolution was 98%, the specificity was 95%.

Conclusion Conclusion. In developing countries where cytological screening is difficult to access or is not available, the use of the CIN DIAG test kit for express diagnostics allows gynecologists to make an immediate diagnosis at an early stage and determine further management tactics.

Disclosures Legal entity responsible for the study: Nozima Umarova.

Funding: Has not received any funding.

Disclosure: All authors have declared no conflicts of interest.

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