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102 Convolutional neural network-based classification of cervical intraepithelial neoplasias using colposcopic image segmentation for acetowhite epithelium
  1. Chul Min Park and
  2. Angela Cho
  1. Jeju national university hospital, Jeju City, South Korea


Introduction/Background Colposcopy is a test performed to detect precancerous lesions of cervical cancer. Since cervical cancer progresses slowly, finding and treating precancerous lesions helps prevent cervical cancer. In particular, it is clinically important to detect high-grade squamous intraepithelial lesions (HSIL) that require surgical treatment among precancerous lesions of cervix.

Methodology There have been several studies using convolutional neural network (CNN) for classifying colposcopic images. However, no studies have been reported on using the segmentation technique to detect HSIL. In present study, we aimed to examine whether the accuracy of a CNN model in detecting HSIL from colposcopic images can be improved when segmentation information for acetowhite epithelium is added.

Results Without segmentation information, ResNet-18, 50, and 101 achieved classification accuracies of 70.2%, 66.2%, and 69.3%, respectively. The experts classified the same test set with accuracies of 74.6% and 73.0%. After adding segmentation information of acetowhite epithelium to the original images, the classification accuracies of ResNet-18, 50, and 101 improved to 74.8%, 76.3%, and 74.8%, respectively.

Conclusion We demonstrated that the HSIL detection accuracy improved by adding segmentation information to the CNN model, and the improvement in accuracy was consistent across different ResNets.

Disclosures There are no financial conflicts of interest to disclose.

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